Hey, StillwaterKIDS!

We are so excited to have StillwaterKIDS back at church! Please make note of the information listed below so your family is prepared for this new season of ministry.

StillwaterKIDS programming is offered exclusively at 11am at the FP campus.

Class sizes are limited. Advance registration is REQUIRED each week. Reserve your spot today. (You must complete a registration for EACH CHILD in your family.) Click the link under the photo to register.

To meet the needs of all of our families as well as to create a welcoming environment for all to encounter Jesus, StillwaterKIDS will offer the following options on Sunday mornings:

1. A mask REQUIRED service for kids K-Grade 6 in MidPoint.
2. A mask OPTIONAL service for kids K-Grade 6 in the Cafe.
3. Nursery/PreK class for infants through preK in the nursery.
4. Special Friends Ministry

When you arrive at the church, please report directly to the classrooms once you have completed the temperature screening.

With the exception of bottle-fed infants, no snacks will be shared. Bottle-fed infants should come with the bottle pre-mixed; the bottle will be sealed in a ziploc bag and labeled with the child’s name upon arrival.

Stillwater Church will supply diapers and wipes. Please keep your diaper bags with you.

We know it’s great to be back at church and visiting with others will be hard to resist. However, we ask that you please pick up your child immediately following service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at kids@stillwaterumc.org. We look forward to seeing your family!

Peace and Grace,
The StillwaterKIDS Ministry Team


Stillwater on Frederick Pike
6911 Frederick Pike
Dayton, Ohio 45414